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Pumping Water

Pumping Water


A wind and/or solar powered water pump can be used for water transfer, cattle & livestock watering and irrigation, supplying agriculture or village needs either from a source of fresh water such as wells or boreholes, or for draining low-lying areas of land. Once a common fixture on farms in semi-arid areas, renewable energy powered pumps are increasingly used today where electric power is not available or too expensive.

A combination of our wind, solar or hybrid energy systems and Grundfos SQFlex range gives efficient water delivery. The Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) function of the pump was further enhanced by the efficient performance of our wind turbines and photovoltaic panels. No additional controller is required and since our turbines and solar PV output is DC electricity, no rectifier system is necessary.

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Solar Power for Water and Light

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£3,048.00 Ex Tax: £2,540.00

Solar powered water pumping system

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£2,700.00 Ex Tax: £2,250.00