Innovative solar panels roll out like a carpet

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Renovagen, a UK-renewable energy start-up, came up with these flexible and high-efficient photovoltaic panels called Roll-Array that can generate up to 100 kWp (10 times more energy than similar transportable PV panels). The Roll-Array is easily towable by a standard 4×4 vehicle. When connected to the back of the car, the solar panels are pulled out of a spool and create ground cover in just 2 minutes, whereas a standard rigid solar field takes 22 hours of man-power to install. Once spread onto the ground, the panels can be bolted or staked to withstand winds of over 80 mph. After just five minutes of installation by two people, the panels are ready to generate solar power. Batteries and inverters are attached to the base of the panels.

rollarray2                            rollarray3

Photo Courtesy of Renovagen


The system uses copper indium gallium selenide solar cells (CIGS) that are bonded with a tensile fabric. The strength of the combined material can cope with being rolled in and out and it can be in full operation a few minutes after it is deployed. “It is like a microgrid in a box. It has all of the components integrated into it that you need to run a 24 hour microgrid”, said founder John Hingley. He hopes it will be used to generate instant energy in disaster areas where power systems have been knocked out, by armies on the move, and in mining stations located in areas without any power. Or even at festivals and in filming, where quiet energy generation is needed.


Check out the video below to see it in action.




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