Firmware Update - BlueSolar MPPTs 150/70 and 150/85 VE.Can firmware v2.05

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v2.05 change log:

  • Bugfix in the kWh yield counter: a negative power value occasionally caused an overflow in the yield counter. Guards are added to avoid adding a negative value to the yield counter, and at start-up the contents of the yield counter is checked: if it contains an excessive value the counter is reset.
  • Setup/history menu: auto-exit to normal operation after 2 minutes idle.
  • CAN network address can be checked in the setup menu (for identification), item 59
  • Only send/show persistent alarms.
  • Fix automatic equalisation: in certain conditions it would stop too early with equalising.


The new firmware files are available through Victron Professional.


How to update

There are two ways to update the firmware of these charge controllers:

  1. MPPT connected locally to the laptop. Requires the CANUSB adapter, ASS030532010.
  2. MPPT connect remotely, to a Color Control GX: Remote firmware update instructions

That last option is often the easiest way, as there is no other use for the CANUSB and it is quite expensive.

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