About Us

We are a successful team of engineers, entrepreneurs, business and product developers who are deeply passionate about what, where and how it’s done. We can help you discover cost effective alternatives to what has become a world monopolised by the big energy companies.

We all live off grid, our workshop/warehouse is off grid, our R&D centre is off grid. By living and working around the natural resources, and because we all live and work under Victron Energy's Energy management systems we have first hand experience of this way of live, its pros and its cons.

With the latest in methodology and pioneering tools, we can offer you a green power solution using a range of natural resources. The combination of two or more can deliver a continuous supply of green energy, whenever and wherever it's required.

We specialise in wind, hydro and solar energy, in particular off-grid hybrid systems, ultimately designing and supplying "power stations" for deployment in areas where it is most needed. We can tailor solutions to your specific needs: we offer plug and play systems for you to install or accompanied by a full technical support and installation service.

Although our passion is with the smaller hybrid systems, aimed around self-sustainability and off-grid, our engineers and consultants have worked on utility sized photovoltaic plants as well as medium scale wind turbine projects.

We are a fun loving company, quality management assured and professional to the last

Check out some of our case studies over at our Project Off Grid site

We also do our bit

Everyday little things that we can all do and that will make a difference in the long term   

  • we live and work off grid; our homes, offices and workshop are powered by Victron Energy.
  • we only use 100% recycled paper in our printers and we reuse the other side as scrap paper.
  • we reuse envelopes and packaging for our own mail where possible.
  • we recycle our printer cartdridges for charity. We have chosen Renewable World as our beneficiary for the money raised.
  • our kettle is heated on the wood stove whenever possible. If using a conventional electric kettle, we always ensure not to fill up too much.
  • we walk, cycle or use public transport/car share as much as possible when travelling. We also carbon compensate when travelling to an exhibition, if the event offers the option.
  • we recycle all our cardboard, paper, plastic, metal an glass, so our bins only are really filled by packaging that cannot be recycled.
  • our food scraps are composted (well only the bits that the horses and the dog cannot have!)
  • our office and yard are off the grid, powered by solar and wind and heated by a cosy wood burner (the office, not the yard...!)
  • our spare or excess energy is used on the farm by our neighbours so nothing goes to waste.
  • at home all our products and toiletries are biodegradable.


For more info and tips on recycling, energy savings and living off the grid, have a look at our other facebook page #look.after.your.planet